Tooth Extraction In Islip

Tooth Extractions

Teeth are created for biting, chewing and keeping your mouth and jawbone healthy, which is why our local Islip dental practice always tries to restore, repair and preserve your natural teeth. However, sometimes the best way to ensure the health of the rest of your teeth is to extract a problem tooth.

If you’re feeling nervous about having a tooth extraction? Talk to Dr. Morris and he can help address your anxiety and recommend the right sedation dentistry option for you.

Is An Extraction The Right Choice For Me?

Are you experiencing tooth pain? The first step is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morris so our Islip dental team can assess your teeth. Dr. Morris might recommend a tooth extraction if:

  • The tooth has experienced trauma
  • The tooth is crowding the rest of the teeth around it, causing decay and pain
  • The tooth isn’t supported by enough bone because of periodontal disease

Simply put, when a tooth cannot be repaired with a filling or a dental crown because of an accident or extensive decay, an extraction is likely the best option.

What Should I Expect If I Need A Tooth Extraction?

There are two types of tooth extractions. A simple extraction can be performed when the tooth can be seen. Dr. Morris will loosen the tooth and use forceps to remove it.

The second type of extraction is a surgical procedure. This type of extraction is used if a tooth has broken at the gum line or hasn’t erupted through the gum completely (like a wisdom tooth). In this case, a small incision will be made to surgically remove the broken or impacted tooth.

After your tooth extraction, Dr. Morris and our team at Innovative Dental Care will answer all of your questions and go over exactly what you need to do to ensure your gums heal and the rest of your teeth remain healthy.

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A consultation with Dr. Morris is the perfect way to answer all of your questions and determine if a tooth extraction could be the best solution for your smile. Call our Islip dental practice today for more details on tooth extraction or any of the other services we offer!